By Caleb Parke

If American teens could vote, Donald Trump would be the next president — by a landslide.

In a recent online mock election held by After School, the nation’s largest teen-focused social network, Trump received a whopping 47.1 percent from high school students while Hillary Clinton only managed to get 32.6 percent.

Here’s what organizers told the New York Post:

[After School was] surprised by the results but believe it shows the Selfie Generation loves The Donald because he’s a “political outsider” who shares teens’ “anti-establishment” values.

Other reasons students gave for why they support Trump included: “He is going to lower taxes” and “He’s not Hillary.”

Trump won every single swing state he needs to win the White House, as well as New York, a solid blue state. He also beat Clinton among high school girls 40-38 percent, even though the poll came out after the Access Hollywood tapes.

Here are some examples from around the country:

Although none of them are scientific, it does give us a good idea of how the next generation thinks about this election.

So why are so many teenagers drawn to someone like Trump?

Fox News Channel’s Todd Starnes offered this theory:

“I suspect many young people are also smart enough to know that eight years of Democratic rule has left the country in ruins,” he wrote in a recent column. “They see their parents struggling to pay the bills. They see their older siblings — still living at home – with college diplomas hanging on the wall. They understand that hope and change — was not for the better — it was for the worse.”

It sounds like America’s teens want to “Make America Great Again.”

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October 28, 2016