Finally, a funny SNL skit. 

By Caleb Parke

Saturday Night Live comically sums up a utopian society for liberals who’ve threatened to leave the country if Trump got elected.

Because we all know they wouldn’t actually leave the country when Americans decided to Make America Great Again, SNL came up with a way they don’t have to.

It’s called “The Bubble,” accurately described as “diverse” and a “safe space for everyone,” coming to us in January of 2017, in none-other-than Brooklyn, NY.

As someone who currently lives in Brooklyn, I can tell you this is pretty funny, given that Brooklyn was the home for Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters, where saying “I’m with her” is like a hipster saying they wear skinny jeans and eat quinoa.

It’s good to see SNL is making fun of liberals, too.

Watch below:

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November 25, 2016