President Obama loves to blame Fox News.

He’s done it on a number of occasions, and he did it again in a recent softball interview with the Rolling Stone.

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President Obama blamed Hillary Clinton’s lossĀ on “Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country.”

As I pointed out in an earlier column, Democrats enjoyed the support of the Mainstream Media, the vast majority of celebrities and entertainers, and the political establishment.

But Fox News, according to Obama, had the greatest influence.

Apparently Obama spends too much time flying on Air Force One to notice that we, everyday Americans, are forced to watch propaganda every time we fly because every airport has CNN playing in every terminal.

My word, some airports even blast it over the speakers!

Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes was in a Southern airport a few years ago and noticed all of the stations were turned to Fox News. “I went over to thank a gate agent and he told me, ‘Please don’t tell anyone — but we just can’t stand CNN.’ I shook the man’s hand.”

If you do see Fox News playing in your local bar or restaurant, be sure to tell management thank you. Because that establishment, according to President Obama, helped Make America Great Again on Election Day.

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November 30, 2016