If President-elect Donald J. Trump picks Palin to join the administration, this is Sarah’s opportunity to rebrand herself.

Former vice-presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin inspired me to get involved in politics when I was a senior in high school.

I gave up on the 2008 election when the Republican Party picked John McCain to be their nominee (lame), but when he tapped Palin as VP, I became a hope-filled skeptic.

The more I listened to her and looked into her record, the more I became convinced — despite the media’s onslaught, and Tina Fey’s almost-identical impression of her on Saturday Night Live — that Sarah is the real deal.

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The generation before me was raised under President Reagan’s Morning in America, and I truly believed Sarah Palin could be my generation’s Reagan.

She was a self-made woman who embodied conservative values in every aspect of her life. From her time as Mayor of Wasilla to becoming the youngest and first female Governor of Alaska, this mother of five took on the “good ole boys” and won.

Palin and her family, took huge personal hits, but she inspired so many Americans, like myself, to take a stand.

Fast forward to 2016.

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Sarah Palin endorsed Donald J. Trump for president. I was cynical at first, also disappointed. Watching the speech made me wonder if Palin had become a real life version of the character Tina Fey portrayed on SNL.

No matter what, I will always admire and respect Sarah for serving as governor of Alaska and running for VP, but I felt the Sarah we got to know in 2008 was different from the one I saw on stage endorsing Trump. However, she knew Donald personally, so I was willing to listen.

Now, Sarah who loves to go rogue, has proven once again she’s not beholden to anyone — including Donald Trump.

With reports that Trump is considering Palin for a position in the administration, the Hockey Mom from Alaska isn’t shying away from criticizing the president-elect in a very public way — on Young Conservatives, no less.

“Republicans oppose this, remember?” Palin warns about possible “crony capitalism” in Trump’s deal with Carrier.

It’s vintage Palin getting back to the basics and calling out the powers that be. Isn’t that why we elected Donald Trump in the first place? To drain the swamp.

Palin’s anti-establishment, time-tested conservative values that truly make America great are exactly what we need in a Trump administration.

Sarah Palin’s son-in-law, Dakota Meyer, a Medal of Honor recipient had nothing but kind words for Palin.”I’ve never met anyone who loves our nation or cares more about our veterans than Sarah Palin,” Meyer said. He believes she would be a good choice to head the VA.

“If you thought pit bulls were tough, you don’t want to mess with mama grizzlies,” Palin said as she rallied Tea Partiers during the 2010 conservative midterm election sweep. It’s that kind of Sarah Palin I want to see again — the Mama Grizzly who proudly stands up for commonsense values and tenaciously defends her country from any threat.

Can you imagine a Trump administration with a Mad Dog and a Mama Grizzly?



December 5, 2016