With Christmas just around the corner, I made a short list of cool gift ideas that are perfect for the conservative millennial in your life.

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Millennials can be tough to get presents for – but we’re really not that bad. We thrive on unique gifts and the newest gadget we can get our hands on. This list captures a mix of both for young conservatives, but it’s suitable for everyone.

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My Millennial Christmas List:

Christmas List, Emojis

1. SoloCam – A Studio Wherever You Go

The perfect gift for millennial journalists and selfie-enthusiasts. The next time your campus has an outbreak of microaggressions, you can report in real time.

Price: $99

solocam, selfie stick, journalism, gift


2. “Make Christmas Great Again” Sweater

This ugly Christmas sweater will make every party great, and is guaranteed to have everyone saying “Merry Christmas” again.

Price:$14 – $48

Make Christmas Great Again, sweater, Donald Trump, Christmas gift, Amazon


3. Official MAGA/USA Hats

The iconic “Make America Great Again” and “USA” hats from the Trump campaign are a must-have for any American. “Proudly made” in the USA.

Price: $25-40

official Make America Great Again hat, Donald Trump, campaign, Christmas giftOfficial Make America Great Again hat camo, camo, Christmas gift, Christmas list, campaigngift, MAGA, hat, Donald TrumpUSA, hat, gift, Donald Trump, ChristmasUSA, hat, camo


4. North Face Texting Gloves

These texting gloves look sharp and keep you warm while you use your phone in wintry conditions. Great for snapping this year’s snowball fight.

Price: $45

texting gloves, gift,


5. Hashtag Ice Maker

For the Twitter enthusiast who wants to chill their drink as they take part in the latest hashtag-worthy trend. #perfectmillennialgift

Price: $8.50

hashtag ice maker, ice cube tray


6. Netflixing Pillow

The perfect pillow to go along with the movies and shows you’re binge-watching on Netflix. Looking for a new show? click here!

Price: $28

Netflixing Pillow, pillow, netflix, gift


7. Polaroid Instant Digital Camera

There’s nothing like shaking a polaroid picture. Throw on a filter, a hashtag, and you’ve got the perfect Instagram post.

Price: $99

Polaroid camera


8. Casio Calculator Watch

Not only will you look cool and classy, but you’ll be perceived as smart. Complex calculations, telling time and more right at your wrist.

Price: $19

casio calculator watch


9. The Book of Mysteries by Jonathan Cahn

Cahn offers insight into the mysteries of Scripture. I highly recommend this book to deepen your faith.

Price: $15

The Book of Mysteries, Jonathan Cahn, books, library, list, gift


10. American Patriot’s Bible

“The Word of God and the Shaping of America” says it all. It’s a must-have for all Christian conservatives.

Price: $31

American Patriot's Bible, Bible, gift, Christmas, USA


11. American Flag Scarf

Don’t just wear your patriotism on your sleeve, wear it around your neck.

Price:$10 – $13

American flag scarf, mens American flag scar, womens








12. Sentry HM9MG 9mm Bullet Earbuds

Go out with a bang this Christmas in these impressive headphones. It’s the perfect ammo for the your iTunes or Spotify playlists.

Price: $6.50

Bullet headphones

ALWAYS: Money, Money, Money

Lucy said in “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” there’s nothing like the sound of cold, hard cash, and we sure do love you for it.

Price: $1 – $500+

money, gift


A FREE subscription to my faith & freedom newsletter — a must-have for every conservative millennial!


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December 10, 2016