Trump’s reception at the Army-Navy game felt like another stop on his USA “Thank You Tour.”

Donald Trump took part in a proud American tradition dating back to President Theodore Roosevelt in 1901, but he may be the first president-elect to do so.

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Trump attended the 117th Army-Navy game on Saturday as a “show of support for our Armed Forces,” spending half the time on Army’s side and the other half on Navy’s. George W. Bush went to three games, and President Obama even attended in 2011.

When Trump entered the box, the stadium erupted in massive cheers, with military cadets jumping up and down. The troops gave him a warm and respectful reception.

Trump even gave an interview during the game and the crowd started chanting, “Make America Great Again!”

Watch the interview below:

“I feel a little bit like we’re at a rally here…” the announcer said.

“It’s a friendly crowd…They all screaming ‘Make America Great Again!’…It’s very amazing,” Trump said.

As a great honor, the Army football team gave Trump his own gear and locker.

In sure 2016 fashion, Army won, ending the 14-game losing streak to Navy.

Even Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace joined the president-elect on Trump Force One from NYC to Baltimore for the game.

“We learned a lot about the style of our new commander-in-cheif,” Wallace noted.

He asked Trump if this was his unofficial debut as president, given the tradition.

Check it out for yourself:

“In six weeks, you’re going to be in charge of these young men and women…” Wallace said.

“It’s a daunting responsibility, and we’ll do the job,” Trump said.

Until then, here’s another video of the troops showing love for the president-elect:

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December 11, 2016