It happens everywhere – in small town America – especially in big cities. We’ve all seen it. Maybe you’ve even been a part of it.

Big Government in the Land of the Free.

It hit home for me, when I went on a mission trip to Tucson, Arizona. We were helping a small, powerful inner city church feed the homeless and see lives changed. That was until the government layed down new ground rules — now the church had to meet new ‘health’ standards, which I’ll just come out and say were completely erroneous. The man heading it up, whom we called Grandpa, had to get trained, certified, and they could no longer hand out certain foods (I wouldn’t be shocked if Michelle Obama had some part in this…) or they would be fined and shut down. An inner city church, surrounded by tons of crime, might get fined and shut down because the canned food wasn’t government approved?! Oh dear!

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This is how Big Government creates a vicious cycle:

Step ONE: Make erroneous, one-size-fits-all regulations for the very institutions and people who are actually trying to help those in need or make the world a better place.

Step TWO: Once the regulations are in place, Big Government fines or shuts down the operations of churches, shelters, or nonprofits because they don’t “meet the mark.”

Step THREE: Big Government runs statistics on how bad things are – increasing homelessness, poverty, etc, and says, ‘look the churches, shelters, and nonprofits aren’t doing anything about it. We need MORE government programs to meet the needs.’

Step FOUR: The people vote for BIGGER Government, the churches continue to get smaller, the people continue to lose individual influence and more people join the needy and helpless, and the nonprofits fail to make any difference.

So, how do we Break the Cycle? Here are a few of my thoughts:

We restore BALANCE.

We scale back the size of government by electing American patriots who know what’s right and have a proven record of doing so.

We call on the church to once again help the poor and needy – to do its job – and get the government out of the way.

The family unit needs to be the model. We educate and love our children. We need strong individuals, strong families, strong churches, and once again, we will be the greatest nation this world has ever seen!

There’s a reason our Founding Fathers put “We The People” in Big, Bold letters at the beginning of our Constitution — because it starts with you and me.

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December 17, 2016