Wendy Hartling is an “angel mom” who gets immigration.

Her mother came fresh-off-the-boat from Ireland, but sadly her daughter was “brutally murdered” by an illegal alien who should’ve been deported many times before.

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Fox 61:

Her daughter, Casey Chadwick, 25, was murdered by Jean Jacques, an illegal Haitian immigrant.

Jaques stabbed Chadwick to death in her Norwich apartment, leaving her lifeless body in a closet. He was sentenced to the maximum of 60 years for her death.

According to the federal government, Jaques should have been deported long before Chadwick’s murder.

Federal authorities had tried to deport Jacques three times, according to a report from the Office of the Inspector General, but Haiti officials wouldn’t take him back after he served 17 years behind bars for a 1997 attempted murder conviction.

Jacques killed Chadwick after he was released from prison.

A federal report released in June said immigration officials could have done more to deport Jacques. He was one of just 20,000 criminal immigrants released by the Department of Homeland Security last year.

Hartling is just one of many from The Remembrance Project, a group founded by Maria Espinoza to raise awareness for the families affected by the crimes of illegal immigration.

These “angel families” have been supportive of President Trump’s immigration policies, but they’ve been fighting an uphill battle.

Hartling’s very own governor in Connecticut, Dannel Malloy, is ordering police throughout the state to ignore Trump’s immigration order.

Hartling has a powerful message for him that she shared on Fox News Channel’s “The First 100 Days” with Martha McCallum.

Hers is a story that every American ought to hear and share.

Far too long the mainstream media has been ignoring the victims of illegal immigration — American citizens.

It’s heartbreaking to listen to Wendy Hartling talk about her daughter Casey’s life being cut short, but it’s the reality we face in a nation ignoring current laws.

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February 23, 2017