After 5 years of family, fun, and quacky adventures, Duck Dynasty has sounded its last call.

The Duck Dynasty finale aired Wednesday night, and before I get into a novel about how great the show was and how the family has changed America and touched our hearts, I just want to share this.

I was scrolling through Twitter, and stumbled upon this letter from James Lee, which inspired me:

Here we go:

Dear Duck Dynasty,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you for being my generation’s wholesome TV family! You inspired me to wear more camo, love my family more, eat more Chick-fil-A, and walk out my faith publicly, unashamed – and I’m just one person!

We’re definitely going to miss you, but that’s a wrap, Jack!

Thank you for letting us come alongside throughout this wild ride!

You’re what makes America great!

God bless you, keep quacking, and stay happy, happy, happy!

Just one of your many friends and fans,

Caleb Parke

What did you love most about Duck Dynasty? Let me know!

# # #

March 30, 2017