Popstar Katy Perry responded to the Islamic terrorist attack at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester by saying we all just need to “unite” and “co-exist.”

She actually told Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Tuesday morning, “No borders, no barriers, like, we all just need to co-exist.”


Katy Perry, you’re smarter than this. I have to believe that. It’s just insulting. Tell that to the 8-year-old victim‘s mother.

Newsflash to Katy Perry and anyone else propagating her politically correct talking points, you can’t co-exist with Islamic terrorists.

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Their motto is convert or die.

It’s pretty straightforward. The problem is radical Islamic terrorism, not innocent Americans.

The morning show promoted the clip, saying Perry is spreading “a message of love in aftermath of Manchester attack.”

What about reality?

Katy Perry has security around her for a reason. Here’s her chance to take down that barrier. Katy, unlock your doors, get rid of your security, and sing “I Kissed a Girl” in Mecca…but we all know she’s not going to do any of that, because it’s INSANE, just like her advice.

Why would we open our borders to Islamic terrorists? To Katy Perry, the biggest problem is fans between different artists not getting along. We “need to unite as fanbases,” she said.

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She’s living in an alternate reality.

Katy Perry has been anti-Trump since she sold her soul to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign — and that could explain her ignoramus call for “no borders.”

She’s beautiful, and I believe her heart is in the right place as she said we need to tell everyone we love, “I love you.”

I agree with that. Spread love, but we can’t do that if Islamic terrorists are chopping our heads off and blowing up our children.

That’s the cold, hard truth – the world we are living in today.

I hate to break it to this California girl, but “Baby, you’re a firework” doesn’t mean the same thing in Raqqa as it does in Los Angeles.

UPDATE: The original video posted by the morning show has been removed:

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May 23, 2017