Justin 5:16 A Lesson We Can Learn from Bieber’s Instagram

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I chose Bieber 5:16 because Justin shared the following note on May 15, 2017

By Caleb Parke


Justin Bieber posted this message about his Christian faith on his Instagram, in case you were wondering:

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“I follow Jesus,” his post plainly said…to more than 86 million of his followers.

Now this isn’t the first time Brother Justin has posted publicly about his faith, but he isn’t mincing words here.

And I think it’s a good opportunity for us, not to cast any stones, but to reflect back on ourselves.

What does it mean for me to really “follow Jesus”?

This looks different for everyone, but it’s simply responding “yes” to Jesus’ plea that you come and follow Him.

Here’s a recent example — Justin played in the One Love Manchester benefit concert with Ariana Grande and others following the horrific bombing that took the lives of parents and children.

“God is good in the midst of darkness, in the midst of evil. God is in the midst,” Bieber said.

Watch below:

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Then we can look back, just like Justin, and realize that while we will never be perfect on earth, Jesus is at work in and through us:


And before Bieber’s collaboration with DJ Kahled and others, he posted this from Hillsong Founder and Pastor Brian Houston, from his message on Vision Sunday:

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And here is the sermon Bieber referenced on his Instagram:

It’s no secret that Bieber goes to Hillsong and is close to many in the church. He was recently spotted on Pastor Carl Lentz’s Instagram story visiting children in India.

So I guess it’s no surprise that Bieber would post “I follow Jesus” because Hillsong, as a church, is all about Jesus.

And before we get all high and mighty, Justin Bieber just made history with back-to-back┬ánumber one songs, and he’s posting about Jesus. That’s pretty awesome.

If you’re tempted to start pointing to Justin’s mistakes, please turn your criticism into prayer for him. Put yourself in his shoes.

I love that Justin’s Instagram says, “Help change the world.”

And how do we do that? By saying, “I’m the one, yeah.”