By Caleb Parke

Justin Bieber is sharing his faith publicly again.

“If anyone wishes to check out what I believe the link is in my bio,” he wrote on his latest Instagram post featuring a screengrab from Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr. giving a message titled “Life in the Wheelbarrow” from VOUS Conference 2017.

If you wish to check out what Bieber believes, here is the link in his bio:

If you’ve ever criticized or gossiped about Justin Bieber, I don’t think we need any further evidence that you do care what he believes.

As I’ve noted before, Justin has shared his faith more and more on his Instagram, and I have to admit, it’s been fun watching the tabloids and mainstream media trying to make sense of Justin Bieber’s posts as he hangs out with pastors and faith leaders.

Here’s a good example.

Beiber recently got a tattoo with The City Church pastor, Judah Smith, that says “BETTER At 70,” and arm-wrestled LA-based Zoe Church pastor, Chad Veach, but the stories don’t cover them much, for better or worse. Veach is referred to as Beiber’s “pal.”

Isn’t it funny that a Canadian-born singer-songwriter is forcing many in what some are calling a post-Christian generation to confront Christianity? As you can see the tabloids would rather highlight other posts from Bieber:

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But that’s why I’m highlighting Bieber’s latest newsworthy post — because something tells me it won’t be in too many headlines.

The Miami-based VOUS Church pastor preached a 45-minute sermon with this tagline:

Trusting God doesn’t always feel sturdy and safe. At times, we might even wonder what we got ourselves into, but when we place our trust in Jesus, he gives us a vision, direction, and constant companionship. These things allow us to go on the journey with a sense of confidence and peace, knowing that while we aren’t exactly sure how, we’re going to safely cross to the other side of any trial we may face.

Here are some highlights from the sermon:

“Contentment is only found in a person, and his name is Jesus Christ,” Wilkerson says during the sermon.

“What if trusting Jesus is answer to all of your problems? People won’t satisfy us,” he added.

“If you find yourself with a desire that no experience in this world can satisfy, then the most probable explanation is that you were made for another world.” – C.S. Lewis

I have to admit, Pastor Rich really gave a clear example of what it really means to trust in Jesus, and in a way that goes beyond what I’ve typically heard before.

If you’re taking notes, here are the top three reasons to trust Jesus:

  1. He gives me a vision
  2. He gives me direction
  3. He is a constant companion

One of the most encouraging takeaways are the comments under the video:

Watch the video above and view the comments here.


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June 18, 2017